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Grow your business with Every

Easily list appreciable assets and collectibles via Fractional Shares, Buy-It-Now, and Auction offerings. Scale your brand and connect with your community.

*No money or other consideration is being solicited. See disclosure below for more information.

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Become an Every curator

List appreciable assets. Connect with community.



Apply to become a curator through our simple webform. Every rigorously vets and approves each curator and asset, seeking the rarest finds and offerings from private collections, galleries, auction houses, and brands.


Set Up Your Shop

Choose which assets, offering type, and how much of each asset you want to sell. Work with our in-house content team and engage with investors prior to listing your assets.


Grow Your Business

Get tools and analytics that help deepen relationships, share your expertise, & interact with investors.


Solving real problems for curators

💧 Liquidity

Receive cash at time of initial sale to investors. In addition, you can retain shares that can be traded later on the platform.

🛠 Expand Your Influence

Access a vast global network of investors and collectors. Your curation efforts gain exposure to a broader audience, enhancing your industry presence and opportunities for collaboration.

❤️ Advanced Tools and Analytics

Access a suite of sophisticated tools and data-driven analytics. Harness insights, optimize portfolios, and make informed curation decisions.

🎓 Know more, grow more

Knowledge is your gateway to success. Access exclusive insights, educational resources, community collaboration, market updates, and curator workshops. Fuel your growth as a curator.

💾 Flexible Asset Storage

Choose your approach to asset storage. Curators have the option to store assets or entrust them to Every for secure keeping. Tailor your strategy to best meet your needs and preferences.

We’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my company a good fit?

Every supports the entire curator community. From online micro-entrepreneurs and boutiques to global companies, as well as everything in between. We can help many kinds of curators scale their passions online, in person, at brick-and-mortar locations, or with pop-up shops.

2. What can I list on Every?

3. How are the items selected?

4. How does it work?

5. How do auctions work?

6. What is Buy-It-Now?

7. How are curators selected?


Become a curator

We’re here to support you every step of the way. If you’d like to learn more before applying, just schedule a call or reach out to our curator team via email.

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