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Queen Marie Jose's Ruby Ring

This is a late 19th-century marvel - an exquisite Burma ruby and diamond-set cluster ring, rich in both history and allure. This opulent piece features a prominent oval bezel, where a remarkable step-cut Burmese (Myanmar) ruby, weighing an impressive 8.48 carats, takes center stage. Encircling this radiant ruby is a halo of sixteen old brilliant-cut diamonds, each securely cradled by delicate claws.

This ring belonged to Queen Marie-Jose, the last queen of the united Italy. Her marriage to the Prince of Piedmont, the future Umberto II, in 1930 marked the beginning of a legacy intertwined with a passion for art and history.

The ruby's "pigeon-blood" hue harmoniously complements Queen Margherita's bequests, including a laurel leaf tiara acquired in 1867, both dating from a similar era.

Marie-José, with her royal lineage and appreciation for exquisite gems, cherished this ring. She wore it proudly during her royal duties, greeting her subjects with a hand adorned by its captivating beauty.

Ruby Ring Top View
Ruby Ring on Finger
Ruby Ring Side View-1


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