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COLLIER DIAMANTS (Diamond Necklace)

This piece comes from the Wertheimers, a name behind a French empire and a brand: Chanel. The emblematic figure of this discreet clan, Paul Lehmann Wertheimer, the man behind N°5, became a partner, with his younger brother, in Les Parfums Chanel in 1924 and then bought the Chanel fashion house after Mademoiselle Coco Chanel failed in her attempt to return to fashion in the 1950s.

At the dawn of the Second World War, Paul took refuge in the United States. His wife, Madeleine, entrusted her jewelry with the family before traveling across the Atlantic. More than half a century later, this impressive collection of jewels was returned to Madeleine’s heirs and appears for the first time in a public auction.

This beautiful diamond necklace is composed with round brilliant-cut, marquise and pear diamonds, platinum and 18k white yellow gold. The diamonds total for an approximate weight of 95 - 105 carats.

Diamond Necklace Front
Diamond Necklace Front Low View
Diamond Necklace Zoom In
Diamond Necklace Back
Diamond Necklace on Neck


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Charles Lewis Tiffany was the first jeweler to establish the diamond ring as a symbol of love. In 1886, he introduced the Tiffany® Setting, the world’s most iconic engagement ring. Since then, Tiffany has been known to the press as "The Diamond King."

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