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Himalaya Diamond Birkin

The 30-centimeter diamond Himalayan Birkin is possibly the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world. This bag is made of Nilo crocodile, rendered in a subtle coloration that is meant to evoke images of the majestic Himalayan mountains. The dyeing process is painstaking and takes many hours to complete—the lighter the hue, the more difficult the process.

The color pairs perfectly with 18-karat white gold hardware, which is itself studded with white diamonds. The cadena lock alone is comprised of 68.4 grams of 18-karat white gold and encrusted with 40 white round brilliant diamonds, totaling 1.64 carats.

This Himalayan features front toggle closure and clochette with lock and keys, encrusted with 18k white gold and 205 diamonds totaling 8.08 carats. This is arguably the rarest, most spectacular, and most jaw-dropping Birkin to ever be made.

Himalaya Diamond Birkin Front
Himalaya Diamond Birkin Side
Himalaya Diamond Birkin Side View
Himalaya Diamond Birkin Back
Himalaya Diamond Birkin Bottom


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