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John Lennon Personally Owned and Used Pair of Reading Glasses

A remarkable piece of history: John Lennon's personally owned and used pair of reading glasses, a testament to his iconic style. Crafted in silver with the distinguished Windsor model, these glasses carry with them an intriguing journey of provenance, adding depth to their allure.

Included is an original letter of provenance penned by Peter J. Hammond, the esteemed previous owner of this artifact. In 2002, Peter J. Hammond acquired these glasses from George Clark, who, in turn, secured them in 1973 from the producer of The Mike Douglas Show. It was on this show that the legendary John Lennon and Yoko Ono co-hosted five episodes between February 14 and February 18, 1972, an era that resonates in the annals of pop culture. The shows, curated by Michael Krauss, stand as a significant touchstone of that time.

These glasses hold a remarkable history, having been sent by Lennon to Krauss, who subsequently passed them on to Clark in 1973. Measuring 1 ¾" in diameter for each lens, these glasses exhibit a Very Good Plus condition, with visible wear on the rims and temple tips, lending a touch of authenticity and character. Accompanied by a COA from Heritage Auctions, this artifact captures not just Lennon's vision but also a piece of the captivating journey he embarked upon. 

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